At Ultimate Drip Therapy and Wellness we makes health and wellness our priority. We offer the latest in non-surgical procedures, providing our clients with treatment options and consultations that allows our staff to create an individualized treatment plan.


Botox and other FDA-approved botulinum toxin is used to temporarily make moderate to severe frown lines,

crow’s feet and forehead lines look better in adults. So you look like you, only with less noticeable facial lines.

Treatment requires minimal downtime.

You can return to your daily routine immediately after you leave your specialist’s office.

You may begin to notice results within 24 to 48 hours, with  with full results in 30 days,

with results lasting up to 4 months for moderate to severe frown lines.

Our spa preferred toxin products include Allergan Botox, Xeomin, Jeuveau

Treatment areas : Forehead | Frown lines | Eyebrow lift | Lip flip | Bunny lines | Crow’s feet

Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers are a gel like substance that includes Hyaluronic acid that are injected beneath the skin to restore loose volume, smooth lines and soften creases or enhance facial contours.

  • Smooth out lines around nose and mouth (a.k.a. marionette lines, smile lines, and nasolabial fold)
  • Enhance & restore volume to sunken cheeks or temples
  • Diminish vertical lip lines
  • Plump & enhance the lips
  • Smooth out a chin crease
  • Improve symmetry among facial features

KYBELLA® is the only FDA-approved injectable treatment that destroys fat cells in the treatment area under the chin to improve your profile.

Are you unhappy with fat under your chin? Are you hesitant about surgical chin lift? You may be a candidate for Kybella. Call or book online a cosmetic Consultation to see if Kybella is right for you.

How is KYBELLA® administered?

Treatment can only be administered by a KYBELLA®-trained healthcare specialist. At each treatment, you will receive multiple small injections under your chin, and the injection process takes about 15 to 20 minutes. The exact number of injections will depend on the amount of fat you have under your chin and your desired profile. 


Since everyone’s chin profile is different, the number of treatments varies from patient to patient.

Your healthcare specialist will help determine how many treatment sessions you need based on the amount and distribution of your submental fat and your personal treatment goals.

Each KYBELLA® treatment session is given at least 1 month apart, treatment session amount varies and you should not receive more than 6 treatments.

In clinical studies, 59% of patients received 6 treatments.  

Mesotherapy treatment is a non surgical cosmetic solution aimed at diminishing problem areas in your body such as cellulite, excess weight, body contouring, and face/neck rejuvenation, just to name a few. It is administered via numerous injections containing various types of medicines, vitamins, and minerals. 

It is introduced into the mesoderm, the layer of fat and tissue underneath the skin. 

The content mixture of the injection varies in accordance with each unique case and specific area to be treated. 

Mesotherapy can also assist in reducing pain, and in replenishing hair loss in both men and women.


  • Upper and lower abdomen
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Under the buttocks
  • Love handles
  • Upper arms
  • Bra band

The average prices per treatment area and ranges from $300-$800

  • Mesotherapy is a relatively painless procedure due to the use of anesthetic creams applied to the area prior to injection, while liposuction often results in some pain after the surgery, as well as during the healing weeks that follow. 
  • Mesotherapy causes virtually no scarring although swelling and light bruising may appear in the area for a few days; liposuction can cause scarring ranging from moderate to severe. 
  • Sedation is not necessary with mesotherapy, and the patient can walk out of the office a few moments after the treatment. 

The following outline is a standard estimate of what each mesotherapy treatment entails
(the number of injections and amount of medication varies from patient to patient):


  • Fat Reduction/Weight Loss: Usually 2 to 4 treatments (injections) are required at intervals of 2 to 4 weeks. Depending on the problem area, the number of procedures could increase. Because mesotherapy treatments for weight loss do not produce drastic changes, it is generally recommended for patients who require a little fat reduction in specific areas, as with body contouring. 
  • Cellulite Reduction: Approximately 3 to 4 treatments are necessary at intervals of 3 to 4 weeks. While cellulite treatment is the least effective of the mesotherapy options, it is nonetheless successful in dealing with mild degrees of cellulite. 
  • Lower Blepharoplasty: 1 or 2 treatments are recommended at 6 week intervals (at times the second treatment is not necessary). For Lower Eye Belpharoplasty, the patient should take cortisone prior to the procedure, and the swelling could possibly last for up to 6 weeks. 
  • Facial Rejuvenation: 4 treatments are required at 2 to 3 week intervals. It is one of the most popular mesotherapy treatments, as satisfied patients notice a substantial improvement in their facial appearance. 

    Needless to say, mesotherapy treatments are here to stay.
    Many people are welcoming this simple, non-surgical procedure into their arms…or thighs….or face.


A trained medical professional will draw your blood using a specialized PRP kit, then placed in a centrifuge that separates the red blood cells and the platelet rich plasma. Then we extract the PRP from the tubing and inject in targeted area.
Depending on the area treated it can take 30-60 minutes from start to finish.
Results will vary from client to client. You should start to see results within a month for facial rejuvenation.  You will notice skin rejuvenation and softer supple skin. Hair growth restoration typically takes 3-6 months from your initial treatment to see measurable results for hair growth.
Treatment determination varies, and research has shown that most clients who have received 3 or more treatments have seen better results according to American Academy of Dermatology Association.


What is EmSlim Neo?
EmSlim is body shaping with magnetic waves — is a unique method to tighten the buttocks without surgery or to remove annoying fat deposits on the hips and abdomen non-invasively. During an EmSlim treatment, around 16% muscle is built up and around 19% fat is lost in the same process. The treatment helps in the long term to a toned and fit body image.

A single EmSlim NEO treatment is the equivalent of about 20,000 muscle contractions.

These muscle contractions lead to building of new muscle mass (increased tone and muscle definition), as well as enhanced fat metabolism through lipolysis, or destruction of fat cells.

EmSlim NEO burns fat and tones muscle in the targeted regions without pain, downtime, or sweating it out at the gym. You can of course continue a fit lifestyle at the gym, which we encourage. There is no downtime, though you might be a little sore in the treated area in a way that is similar to EmSlim NEO is, if you were able to properly perform 500 sit ups or squats every single day (How many do even 50 per day?), it would take you 160 days in a row to achieve what EmSlim NEO does for your body with just four 30-minute treatments.

Treatment determination varies. Treatments are done once a week for 4 weeks (some may require more treatments to fulfill their goals).